Social Media Optimization – the Mindshark Marketing way

A lot of confusion clouds the social media optimization scene, some companies that offer the service to their clients have yet to make a tangible return from the budgets they demand. The field of social media is probably the last to appear on the entire list of services on offer, this is true for all long established marketing firms. Mindshark Marketing has been on the lucky side of service providers that caught up with the ever changing social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, among the lot and those still to come. If people are using the platform, so are Mindshark Marketing’s social media rockstars.

Social Media Optimization

The reason why Mindshark Marketing and their long list of clients have found success on all platforms is largely because of the approach decided on from the word go. While those still struggling are chasing page and post likes, that is in the case of Facebook, Mindshark Marketing has more measurables that they are chasing after. Engagement in the form of sparky conversations that lead to chains of comments relevant to a post is one of these deliverables that separate the great from the just good.

Because of the way social media is structured, fan count and likes to a single post alone are not investment worthy metrics for a client to keep pushing for social media marketing.

Here are a few client examples (no names) and how our services make for richer results than those possible with their own efforts.

1. Motivational speakers –

buying likes can get them as many likes as they can afford, but if they are real and active accounts, it would not take long for them to leave your page because the game doesn’t end at getting likes. With the help of Mindshark Marketing and their social media experts, no motivation event would have below expected attendance ever again.

2. Retail outlets –

because every employee should have an average of at least 300 followers, they are likely to reach out to immediate circles of their employees. Integrating this advantage with the targeted marketing capability brought by Mindshark Marketing a retail shop can sell products to people most likely to make a purchase transaction. This effectively opens their shop to every device capable of accessing the internet, a world wide storefront. The possibilities are limitless in such a situation.
A lot of other business clients have found comparable advantages unique to their industries by engaging with Mindshark Marketing. The biggest boost given to all clients by Mindshark Marketing through social media is the ability to support clients communication through chat and electronic messaging functions now possible across all social media channels. We even go to the extent of crafting explainer videos for service provision companies and startups to get their cause visually digested before crafting content likely to go viral across all platforms. As far as viral goes, consider that Facebook alone, has a population that dwarfs some continents. The ability to reach that mass at amounts way under a thousand dollars is a near miracle in itself.
Social Media Optimization(SMO)

Marketing for CPA Firms: Google + Is Critical But Remarkable

marketing for CPA firms

Google Plus as a tool for marketing for CPA firms offers a significant opportunity to present your skills and grow to become a valuable network and authority among your prospects and peers.

Opportunities tend to arise more when the principles of engaging in social media are being adhered to. Ignoring the principles just because you feel like an expert who already knows what to do, reduce your capability to gain anything from the time and money you spend. In the same respect, Google+ is not any special than the rest of the social network community. Truth is Google+, in one way or another, is considered less forgiving.

In order to employ the benefits that Google+ brings, you ought to determine the goal you want to hit, why you need to attain it, as well as plans you will carry out in order to achieve it. Ignoring these three important things is not only an ultimate waste of time; it also results in a lost opportunity.

Pay attention to what’s taking place in your enterprise.

Aside from merely being societal, social media provides an abundant circulation of content that you and your customers find crucial. Google+ will offer you with accessible streams of valuable content materials, as well as the opportunity to take part in these streams through engaging and commenting. In addition, you can utilize market data available to assist you in serving your customers better.

In marketing for CPA firms, following the type of content that helps you grow into a well-informed professional is remarkable. Furthermore, follow the type of content material that is relevant to your client’s’ industry.

Identify and follow those who are generating the “conversations” particularly in your field of proficiency. Make contributions to the dialogue. Ask questions and learn from the conversations.

Use your eyes as your ears and “pay attention” to the buzz created by the people who are of influence.

Filter your content to reduce the noise.

Learn to choose your content as not all of them is good or important. Ignore the bad and pay attention to the high-quality content that will be a good resource for your consumers, future clients and other industry professionals.

You can filter and select the content that is most vital to you as well as your viewers. This will allow you and your customers to not only view content materials that stand above the rest, but also establish your reputation as a professional.

Create and publish your own material.

You need to publish your own content material. Content draws individuals to you. It also supports your hard-earned credentials. Identify the type of audience that you want to reach, discover their behaviors and desires, and make a content that is consistent with all these.

Share content, both yours and others.

Sharing excellent content material with the right intention shows that you are a trained professional. It also associates you with other specialists who will admire you not only for sharing their work, but also for your effort in offering meaningful insights and your own perception on the topic being discussed.

Success comes from cultivating relationships with those who find joy and value in what you have to offer. These relationships that you have established can create verbal exchange channels that give proper attention to the services you provide as well as support little vital details, such as why you are better than all your competitors.

Tax Accountant Toronto Facilitates Tax Amnesty

tax accountant toronto

Anywhere in the world, one of the most painful interactions with the government, with the exception of criminal prosecution, is getting a tax audit.  Some people actually say they prefer having root canal treatment to a tax audit.  What usually makes it worse is finding out that you have made errors or omissions which may be subject to hefty fines and worse.

Canadians are more fortunate than most because Revenue Canada has a Voluntary Disclosure Program, which allows taxpayers to voluntarily declare income and file income tax returns which have either been incorrectly filed or never filed before.  This program is more commonly referred to as the tax pardon or tax amnesty program.  It is one of the many services that tax accountant Toronto offers. You can easily find very competent accountants to help with tax problems by visiting

Among the people who may avail of the many advantages of Revenue Canada’s Voluntary Disclosure Program are:

  • People who have provided incorrect or incomplete information in their tax returns
  • People who have not filed income tax returns
  • People who have failed to retain a part of the purchase price when buying assets from non-residents as required under section 116 of the Act
  • People who have made improper or inaccurate claims for expenses
  • People who have failed to report income or some portions of their income
  • People who have failed to remit source deductions
  • Canadian citizens who have earned income from outside the country


People who qualify are offered a waiver of civil penalties and criminal prosecution so long as they volunteer to basically do the right thing with regard to the discharge of their responsibilities under the Income Tax Act, Customs Act, Customs Tariff, and Excise Tax Acts.  However, they must report their failures  before Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) begins any action or investigation.

What is even better, tax accountant Toronto informs that tax amnesty program permits disclosure under what they call the No-Name Policy which is aimed at protecting the identities of taxpayer who wish to comply.  Those who avail of the No-Name Policy may provide their full disclosure free from criminal prosecution within 90 days.


Tax accountants including those who are affiliated with The Society of Professional Accountants of Canada remind everyone that these four requirements of availing tax amnesty are important:

  1. The disclosure must be voluntary and not the result of an ongoing investigation.  If a person is already being investigated, then it is too late to avail of the tax amnesty program.  The voluntary part requires the taxpayer to initiate contact.
  2. There must be accurate and complete disclosure.  If errors are still found, or it is discovered that only a partial disclosure has been made, then penalties which have been waived would be reinstated.
  3. The disclosure must involve some sort of penalty.  Without a penalty there is nothing to pardon.
  4. The disclosure must also involve information that is more than one year old.  The amnesty program is not meant to provide a way to avoid late filing penalties.

The best way to avoid penalties is to comply with all requirements.  If you have failed to comply with any requirement of Revenue Canada, the best recourse is to avail of the Voluntary Disclosure Program – provided they don’t catch the error first.